The continued popularity of the Spaceview has unfortunately resulted in many standard 214-based Accutron watches having their dials removed. In the past, it was a simple matter to identify a Spaceview conversion, as most factory models were equipped with white hands, while non-Spaceview models were typically equipped with gold or silver hands. This is no longer the case, as there is now a healthy aftermarket for high quality replica Spaceview parts, including white hands, printed crystals and dial spacers. An educated estimate suggests that at least 90% of extant Spaceview watches are aftermarket conversions.

Typical 214 Spaceview conversion, built from a US-made M9 (1969) 14KGF case, Swiss-made M6 (1966) 214HN Astronaut movement with hack spring and GMT components removed, replica white hands, dial spacer and replica printed crystal. Though the watch has the correct overall appearance of a factory Spaceview, this specific case style (#2500) was never offered in a Spaceview variant.

Although the full process of Spaceview authentication involves an examination of a number of key features, the majority of conversions can be easily identified by checking the case number. Accutron case numbers are located on the inside of the case back, either stamped in black ink or engraved directly into the metal. The table below lists all known Spaceview case numbers, as well as associated crystal and reflector part numbers when available. Take note that case numbers can be altered, and all 214 case backs are fully interchangeable.

Case Number Case Color Movement Caliber Crystal Reflector
316-1 White 214 316-1AWS R549
316-4 Pink 214 316-4APS R549
316-7 Yellow 214 319-1AYS R549
319-1 Yellow 214 319-1AYS R549
336-1 Pink 214H 336-1APS R582
340-1 Yellow 214H 340-1AYS R582
396-1 Pink 214 316-4APS R549
446-1 Yellow 214 319AYS 953-12
454-2 Yellow 214H 454-2AYS  
770 White 214H 770AWS R567
770-1 Yellow 214H 770-1AYS R567
770-2 Yellow 214H 770-1AYS R567
891 White 2141 316-1AWS R583
891-1 Yellow 2141 891-1AYS R583
891-2 Yellow 2141 891-1AYS R583
2304 Yellow / White 214 1220-2  
2528 White 214 1270AWS R523
A2528 White 214 1431AWS R524
2531 Yellow 214 1271AYS R524
3031 Yellow 214 1433AYS R554
3352 Yellow 214 1270AYS R523
3353 White 214 1270AWS R523
3396 Yellow 214 1271AYS R524
3418 Yellow 214 1270AYS