Antony Alban

Antony Allert Thompson is a British author. He wrote two novels under the pseudonym Antony Alban, Catharsis Central, published in 1968 and The Day of the Shield in 1973.

The Day of the Shield

"In a John Grimes Rim Adventure strange things happen out where the stellar medium grows thin, out where it is difficult to say if you remain within the galaxy or you're falling through the intergalactic void. As to that strangeness an Outsider ship filled with technology so far in advance of the human as to appear magical, and the catalytic presence of Commodore John Grimes, and anything can happen - anything at all."

Original Publication: Berkley Medallion, January 1973
This Edition: Berkley Medallion, January 1973
Cover Art: Richard Powers
Format: Paperback



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