Lou Anders

Lou Anders is from Birmingham, Alabama. He became involved in science fiction in a major way in 1994 when he began working with Titan Publishing as they launched the first Star Trek magazine, Star Trek Monthly. He practically lived on the sets of Star Trek and Babylon 5, writing around 500 articles between 1994 and 1999.

Around 2000, Anders began working with Bookface.com, an online provider of short fiction. In 2001, he edited the anthology Outside the Box: The Best Short Fiction from Bookface.com. Anders worked as Senior Editor of Argosy Magazine from 2003-2004, but due to creative differences eventually resigned. Later Anders became the Editorial Director of Prometheus Books' SF imprint, Pyr.

Anders has been nominated for 7 Hugo Awards, winning one in 2011. Most recently, he has launched a YA fantasy series called Thrones & Bones. Frostborn was released in 2014 and has been met with wide critical acclaim.


"Experience sensory overload in this anthology of stories from today's masters of speculative fiction as they reveal the terrors, triumphs, and seeming impossibilities awaiting humanity in the years to come. From aritifical intelligence and bioengineering to transhumans threatening to make mankind obsolete, these cutting-edge tales present a future in which every day brings shocking new developments undreamed of the day before - a future in which tomorrow never knows what may follow..."

Original Publication: Roc/New American Library, 2006
This Edition: Roc/New American Library, 2006
Cover Art: John Picacio
Format: Trade Paperback


Contents: Introduction: The Business of Lying by Lou Anders, Shuteye for the Timebroker by Paul Di Filippo, Looking Through Mother's Eyes by John Meaney, The Man Who Knew Too Much by Alan Dean Foster, The Engines of Arcadia by Sean McMullen, The Pearl Diver by Caitlin R. Kiernan, Before the Beginning by Mike Resnik and Harry Turtledove, Man You Gotta Go by Adam Roberts, Homosexuals Damned, Film at Eleven by Alex Irvine, Contagion by Chris Roberson, Absalom's Mother by Louise Marley, Job Qualifications by Kevin J. Anderson, The Teosinte War by Paul Melko, Slip by Robert A. Metzger, All's Well At World's End by Howard V. Hendrix, Flashes by Robert J. Sawyer and The Cartesian Theater by Robert Charles Wilson


Fast Forward 1 - Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge

"Welcome to the new future. Where everything is different, from the way we give birth to the way we die. Where software can have a philosophy and you can change your personality with a pill. Where you can grow a pet, or a human being to order. Where the fate of humanity rests in the hands of robots and post-human intelligences. Where you can govern a planet by Internet or shrink a politician down to size. Where strange new worlds lie not only out in distant space, but around the corner from now, or beyond the veil of life and death. Where anything is possible. This volume marks the start of a new hard science fiction anthology series, dedicated to presenting the vanguard of the genre and charting the undiscovered country that is the future. Here are twenty-one windows on that future, as seen through the colossal imaginations of today's masters and rising stars. Their collective visions take us from the depths of time to the day just after tomorrow."

Original Publication: Pyr, February 2007
This Edition: Pyr, February 2007
Cover Art: John Picacio
Format: Paperback


Contents: Introduction: Welcome to the Future by Lou Anders, YFL-500 by Robert Charles Wilson, The Girl Hero's Mirror Says He's Not the One Justine Robson, Small Offerings by Paolo Bacigalupi, They Came from the Future by Robyn Hitchcock, Plotters and Shooters by Kage Baker, Aristotle OS by Tony Ballantyne, The Something-Dreaming Game by Elizabeth Bear, No More Stories by Stephen Baxter, Time of the Snake by A.M. Dellamonica, The Terror Bard by Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper, p dolce by Louise Marley, Jesus Christ, Reanimator by Ken LacLeod, Solomon's Choice by Mike Resnick and Nancy Kress, Sanjeev and Robotwallah by Ian McDonald, A Smaller Government by Pamela Sargent, Pride by Mary A. Turzillo, I Caught Intelligence by Robyn Hitchcock, Settlements by George Zebrowski, The Hour of the Sheep by Gene Wolfe, Sideways from Now by John Meaney, Wikiworld by Paul Di Flippo


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