Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin James Anderson was born on March 27, 1962 in Racine, Wisconsin. He was heavily influenced by The War of the Worlds and began writing when he was 8 years old with a short story called Injection. He sold his first work as a senior in High School for $12.50.

Anderson published his first novel, Ressurection, Inc. in 1998. In the mid-1990's, he was contracted to write novels for the Star Wars expanded universe, penning the Jedi Academy trilogy and the 14-volume Young Jedi Knights series with his wife, Rebecca Moesta.

In 1997, along with Brian Herbert, Anderson signed a deal with Bantam Books to co-author a Dune prequel trilogy. Together they have penned more than ten novels in the Dune universe. Between 2002 and 2008, Anderson published The Saga of the Seven Suns and has began a sequel to this series called The Saga of Shadows.

With his wife, Rebecca, Anderson owns WordFire Press, a publishing imprint specializing in out-of-print books and ebook formats. He has published over 125 books - 52 of which have been on US and international bestseller lists. He has been nominated for many awards including the Nebula and the Bram Stoker Award. He currently resides in Colorado.

Resurrection, Inc.

"It is the future and the dead walk the streets..Resurrection, Inc. found a profitable way to do it. All it took was a microprocessor brain, a synthetic heart and blood, and, presto, anyone with the price could buy a Servant with no mind of its own and trained to obey any command. But for every Servant created, a living worker was out of a job, and suddenly Resurrection, Inc.'s profits became everyone else's loss. Some took to rioting in the streets, their rampages ruthlessly ended by armored and heavily armed Enforcers, eager for the kill. Some joined the ever growing cult of Neo-Satanism, seeking heaven in the depths of hell. Only one tried to change the world. His name was Danal, he was dead - but he remembered. And he was the last hope for the living..."

Original Publication: Signet/New American Library, July 1988
This Edition: Signet/New American Library, July 1988
Cover Art: Alex Ebel
Format: Paperback



Assemblers of Infinity

"Daedalus Crater was, for all practical purposes, the most remote spot in the solar system. Centered four degrees below the lunar equator and 180 degrees from the Earth-facing side, Daedalus never saw or heard from Earth, never received stray radio waves that might diffract over the Moon's horizon and ruin delicate astronomical measurements. Which made it a perfect site for a Very Low Frequency array to study those portions of the radip spectrum that were drowned out on Earth. Because of the crater's out-of-the-way location, the VLF equipment had to function autonomously. All instruments had been designed to run by themselves, to fix themselves with modular replacement parts, and to be inspected by telepresence repair drones. Considering the Moon's unchanging nature, the station should have worked perfectly for decades. But inexplicably, without warning, absolutely everything started going wrong. Moonbase Columbus sent out a repair team by hopper to investigate the situation. The two men and one woman aboard were well trained, and they figured to have the problem or problems corected within hours - until they saw the anomaly: what looked like a gigantic mine shaft dug into the base of the crater wall. Rising from the depths of the pit was a strange, wispy structure of translucent strands - ghostly arches, support frameworks, faint, silvery lines that looked like a faded architectural drawing. But there wasn't a single track that would have indicated the recent presence of heavy excavation and construction sign of who had built the thing, or how. The mystery was one those three people from Moonbase Columbus would never solve. Within moments of the discovery, they died."

Original Publication: Bantam Spectra, February 1993
This Edition: Bantam Spectra, February 1993
Cover Art: Pamela Lee
Format: Hardback


Collaboration with Doug Beason



"Though bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson is best known for his epic science fiction novels such as Hidden Empire, Dune: House Atreides (with Brian Herbert), and Star Wars: Jedi Search, he has regularly stretched his literary muscles with short stories. This collection of twenty-two tales and two essays displays the range of his imagination, from science fiction to fantasy to horror; from alien landscapes in the far future to cutting-edge technological developments that could happen tomorrow. The first five stories take readers to parallel universes next door, on expeditions for Alternitech. Other tales put a humerous twist on classic fantasy scenarios of kissing frogs and slaying dragons. Readers will see cloned mammoths, the dark side of early Hollywood, attorneys wrestling with the legalities of time paradoxes, and back-packers on an alien planet. These are the best of Anderson's work, including his high-powered collaborations with Gregory Benford, Doug Beason, and his wife Rebecca Moesta, coupled with commentary by the author. Two essays showcase his love of writing and his love of hiking and mountain climbing. In the introduction, rock legend Neil Peart, the drummer for the rock band Rush, states, [Anderson] works to a very high standard of quality in his writing, from the conception to the execution, and these stories are a testament to the consistency of his art." Take a tour of these landscapes of the imagination."

Original Publication: Five Star, March 2006
This Edition: Five Star, March 2006
Cover Art: Unknown
Format: Hardback


Contents: Introduction by Neil Peart, Music Played on the Strings of Time, Tide Pools, An Innocent Presumption and The Bistro of Alternate Realities by Kevin J. Anderson, Rough Draft by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, Job Qualifications, Rest in Peace, Carrier, Controlled Experiments, TechnoMagic and Paradox & Greenblatt, Attorneys at Law by Kevin J. Anderson, Collaborators by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, Prisons by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason, Mammoth Dawn by Kevin J. Anderson and Gregory Benford, Sea Wind, Frog Kiss, Short Straws, Special Makeup and Redmond's Private Screening by Kevin J. Anderson, Splinter by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, Santa Claus is Coming...To Get You!, False Summits and Landscapes by Kevin J. Anderson


The Ashes of Worlds

"The culminating volume in The Sage of Seven Suns weaves together the myriad story lines in a spectacular grand finale. Galactic empires clash, elemental beings devastate whole planetary systems, and the factions of humanity are pitted against one another. Heroes rise and enemies make their last stands in the climax of an epic tale eight years in the making. The Saga of Seven Suns is one of the most colorful and spectacular science fiction epics of the past decade."

Original Publication: Orbit, July 2008
This Edition: Orbit, July 2008
Cover Art: Jacket photography by Lightscapes Photography - Jacket Design by Mario J. Pulice
Format: Hardback



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