The Doubles - Speculative Fiction with Dos--dos Binding

Ace Books started printing novels with Dos--dos binding in 1952. The idea was to pair a known author with a new writer to expose pulp readers to a larger array of styles and titles, thus promoting sales and readership. The series lasted primarily from 1952 until 1973, but Ace did continue to issue special doubles until 1978, when the format was retired for good.

Ace actually published their "doubles" line in a number of genres, including mysteries and westerns, but it is the speculative fiction that has inspired collectors to seek these works. These pieces were and are highly valued to collectors, as they featured top-notch artwork in most cases and had the attractive binding. They were considered innovative, cost effective and collectable and they greatly expanded the accessibility of the science fiction genre over many years. This line not only basically put Ace Books into the hands and minds of fans, but it also helped to launch the careers of a number of now-infamous science fiction novelists including Philip K. Dick and Samuel Delany.

One major drawback to the format was the limitations of size. The books could only be between 250-300 pages and many of the works were truncated to fit into the format. This upset quite a few authors, such as Isaac Asimov, who would complain that their works were "butchered" to comply with size restrictions. Even if the printing stated the novel was "complete and unabridged," it was often cut to size anyway.

Throughout the years, Ace employed a variety of numbering schemes. They did note the date of publication, but always referred to their own printing and did not reference the first appearance of the work. Until the 1980s, Ace Doubles were given one of two types of serial numbers: alpha-numeric or simply numeric. In the alpha-numeric series, the letter indicates price. Following is a list of the letters and their price structure, then a listing of Ace Double SF titles printed in the Dos--dos binding only. I have aimed to create a comprehensive, if not fully exhaustive list.

D-series - ran from 1952 - 1962 - priced at 35 cents
S-series - ran from 1952 - 1956 - priced at 25 cents
F-series - ran from 1961 - 1967 - priced at 40 cents
M-series - ran from 1964 - 1967 - priced at 45 cents
G-series - primarily ran from 1958 - 1960 at 50 cents an issue, then reappeared from 1964 - 1968
K-series - ran from 1959 - 1966 - against convention, this series had various prices
H-series - ran from 1966 - 1968 - priced at 60 cents
A-series - ran from 1963 - 1968 - priced at 75 cents an issue
N-series - ran in 1968 - priced at 95 cents

D Series

1953 - D-031
A.E. van Vogt The World of Null- A and The Universe Maker

1953 - D-036
Robert E. Howard Conan the Conqueror and Leigh Brackett The Sword of Rhiannon

1954 - D-042
Charles M. Martin Law for Tombstone and Walker A. Tompkins One Against a Bullet Horde

1954 - D-044
Donald E. Wollheim (ed.) The Ultimate Invader and Other Science-Fiction and Eric Frank Russell Sentinels of Space

1954 - D-053
Murray Leinster Gateway to Elsewhere and A.E. van Vogt The Weapon Shops of Isher

1954 - 061
L. Sprague de Camp Cosmic Manhunt and Clifford D. Simak Ring Around the Sun

1954 - D-069
Lewis Padgett (Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore) Beyond Earth's Gates and Andre Norton Daybreak - 2250 A. D.

1954 - D-073
Donald A. Wollheim (ed.) Adventures in the Far Future and Tales of Outer Space

1954 - D-079
Francis Rufus Bellamy Atta and Murray Leinster The Brain Stealers

1954 - D-084
Isaac Asimov The Rebellious Stars and Roger Dee An Earth Gone Mad

1955 -D- 094
Murray Leinster The Other Side of Here and A.E. van Vogt

1955 - D-096
Andre Norton The Last Planet and Alan E. Nourse A Man Obsessed

1955 - D-099
Robert Moore Williams Conquest of the Space Sea and Leigh Brackett The Galactic Breed

1955 - D-103
Philip K. Dick Solar Lottery and Leigh Brackett The Big Jump

1955 - D-110
Isaac Asimov The 1,000 Year Plan and Poul Anderson No World of Their Own

1955 - D-113
Dwight V. Swain The Transposed Man and J. T. McIntosh One in 300

1955 - D-118
Charles L. Harness The Paradox Man and Jack Williamson Dome Around America

1955 - D-121
Andre Norton The Stars are Ours! and Sam Merwin, Jr. Three Faces of Time

1956 - D-139
Nick Boddie Williams The Atom Curtain and Gordon R. Dickson Alien From Arcturus

1956 - D-146
Lee Correy Contraband Rocket and Murray Leinster The Forgotten Planet

1956 - D-150
Philip K. Dick The World Jones Made and Margaret St. Clair Agent of the Unknown

1956 - D-162
Jerry Sohl The Mars Monopoly and R. DeWitt Miller with Anna Hunger The Man Who Lived Forever

1956 - D-164
Gordon R. Dickson Mankind on the Run and Andre Norton The Crossroads of Time

1956 -D-173
Ray Cummings The Man Who Mastered Time and Joseph E. Kelleam Overlords From Space

1956 - D-176
Thomas Calvert McClary Three Thousand Years and Margaret St. Clair The Green Queen

1956 - D-193
Philip K. Dick The Man Who Japed and E. C. Tubb The Space-Born

1956 - D-199
Poul Anderson Planet of No Return and Andre Norton Star Guard

1957 - D-205
Donald A. Wollheim (ed.) The Earth in Peril and Lan Wright Who Speaks of Conquest?

1957 - D-215
Eric Frank Russell Three to Conquer and Robert Moore Williams Doomsday Eve

1957 - D-223
Robert Silverberg The 13th Immortal and James E. Gunn This Fortress World

1957 - D-227
H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire Crisis in 2140 and Cyril Judd Gunner Cade

1957 - D-237
Robert Silverberg Master of Life and Death and James White The Secret Visitors

1957 - D-242
A.E. van Vogt Empire of the Atom and Frank Belknap Long Space Station #1

1957 - D-249
Philp K. Dick The Cosmic Puppets and Andre Norton (as by Andrew North) Sargasso of Space

1957 - D-255
Kenneth Bulmer City Under the Sea and Poul Anderson Star Ways

1958 - D-266
E. C. Tubb The Mechanical Monarch and Charles L. Fontenay Twice Upon A Time

1958 - D-277
Murray Leinster City on the Moon and Donald A. Wollheim (ed.) Men on the Moon

1958 - D-286
Robert Silverberg Invaders From Earth and Donald A. Wollheim (as by David Grinnel) Across Time

1958 - D-291
Robert Silverberg (as by Calvin M. Knox) Lest We Forget Thee, Earth and Raymond Z. Gallun People Minus X

1958 - D-295
JackVance Big Planet and The Slaves of Klau

1958- D-299
Andre Norton Star Born and H. Beam Piper with John H. McGuire A Planet for Texans

1958 - D-303
Poul Anderson The Snows of Ganymede and War of the Wing-Men

1958 - D-311
Robert Silverberg Stepsons of Terra and Lan Wright A Man Called Destiny

1958 - D-315
Eric Frank Russell The Space Willies and Six Worlds Yonder

1958 - D-322
Robert Moore Williams The Blue Atom and The Void Beyond and Other Stories

1958 - D-331
Kenneth Bulmer The Secret of Zi and Ray Cummings Beyond the Vanishing Point

1958 - D-335
Poul Anderson The War Two Worlds and John Brunner Threshold of Eternity

1959 - D-345
Andre Norton (as by Andrew North) Plague Ship and Voodoo Planet

1959 - D-351
Edmond Hamilton The Sun Smasher and Robert Silverberg (as by Ivar Jorgenson) Starhaven

1959 - D-358
Robert Silverberg (as by Calvin M. Knox) The Plot Against Earth and Milton Lesser Recruit for Andromeda

1959 - D-362
John Brunner The 100th Millennium and Donald A. Wollheim (as by David Grinnell) Edge of Time

1959 - D-369
Brian W. Aldiss Vanguard From Alpha and Kenneth Bulmer The Changeling Worlds

1959 - D-375
Damon Knight Masters of Evolution and George O. Smith Fire in the Heavens

1959 - D-381
Jerry Sohl One Against Herculum and Andre Norton Secret of the Lost Race

1959 - D-385
John Brunner Echo in the Skull and Alan E. Nourse Rocket to Limbo

1959 - D-391
John Brunner The World Swappers and A. E. van Vogt Seige of the Unseen

1959 - D-403
Murray Leinster The Mutant Weapon and The Pirates of Zan

1959 - D-407
Poul Anderson We Claim These Stars! and Robert Silverberg The Planet Killers

1959 - D-413
Harlan Ellison The Man With Nine Lives and A Touch of Infinity

1960 - D-421
Philip K. Dick Dr. Futurity and John Brunner Slavers of Space

1960 - D-427
Robert Moore Williams World of the Masterminds and To the End of Time and Other Stories

1960 - D-431
A.E. van Vogt Earth's Last Fortress and George O. Smith Lost in Space

1960 - D-437
Andre Norton The Sioux Spacemen and Richard Wilson And Then the Town Took Off

1960 - D-443
Manly Wade Wellman The Dark Destroyers and Brian W. Aldiss Bow Down to Nul

1960 - D-449
Gordon R. Dickson The Genetic General and Time to Teleport

1960 - D-453
Kenneth Bulmer The Earth Gods Are Coming and Margaret St. Clair The Games of Neith

1960 - D-457
Philip K. Dick Vulcan's Hammer and John Brunner The Skynappers

1960 - D-465
John Brunner The Atlantic Abomination and Donald A. Wollheim (as by David Grinnell) The Martian Missile

1960 - D-471
John Brunner Sanctuary in the Sky and Jack Sharkey The Secret Martians

1960 - D-479
Wilson Tucker To the Tombaugh Station and Poul Anderson Earthman Go Home!

1961 - D-485
Robert A.W. Lowndes The Puzzle Planet and Lloyd Biggle, Jr. The Angry Espers

1961 - D-491
Fritz Leiber The Big Time and The Mind-Spider and Other Stories

1961 - D-497
John Brunner (as by Keith Woodcott) Speak For Earth and Ray Cummings Wandl the Invader

1961 - D-507
Kenneth Bulmer Beyond the Silver Sky and John Brunner Meeting At Infinity

1961 - D-509
Andre Norton The Beast Master and Star Hunter

1961 - D-517
Clifford D. Simak The Trouble with Tycho and A. Bertram Chandler Bring Back Yesterday

F Series

1961 - F-104
Kenneth Bulmer No Man's World and Poul Anderson Mayday Orbit

1961 - F-108
G. McDonald Wallis The Light of Lilith and Damon Knight The Sun Saboteurs

1961 - F-113
Charles L. Fontenay Rebels of the Red Planet and J.T. McIntosh 200 Hundred Years to Christmas

1961 - F-117
Marion Zimmer Bradley The Door Through Space and A. Bertram Chandler Rendezvous on a Lost World

1961 - F-119
Gordon R. Dickson Spacial Delivery and Delusion World

1961 - F-123
Robert Silverberg Collision Coure and Leigh Brackett The Nemesis From Terra

1962 - F-127
Marion Zimmer Bradley Seven From the Stars and Keith Laumer Worlds of the Imperium

1962 - F-129
William F. Temple The Automated Goliath and The Three Suns of Amara

1962 - F-133
John Brunner Secret Agent of Terra and A. Bertram Chandler The Rim of Space

1962 - F-139
Poul Anderson The Makeshift Rocket and Un-Man and Other Stories

1962 - F-141
Robert Moore Williams The Darkness Before Tomorrow and John Brunner (as by Keith Woodcott) The Ladder in the Sky

1962 - F-145
Robert Silverberg Next Stop the Stars and The Seed of Earth

1962 - F-147
Andre Norton The Sea Siege and The Eye of the Monster

1962 - F-149
Robert Moore Williams King of the Fourth Planet and Charles V. de Vet and Katherine MacLean Cosmic Checkmate

1962 - F-161
John Brunner Times Without Number and Donald A. Wollheim (as by David Grinnell) Destinies Orbit

1962 - F-165
Philip Jose Farmer Cache from Outer Space and The Celestial Blueprint

1962 - F-173
James White Second Ending and Samuel R. Delany The Jewels of Aptor

1963 - F-177
Terry Carr Warlord of Kor and Robert Moore Williams The Star Wasps

1963 - F-185
Jack Vance 5 Gold Bands and The Dragon Masters

1963 - F-187
Leigh Brackett Alpha Centauri or Die! and G. McDonald Wallis The Legend of Lost Earth

1963 - F-195
Robert Silverberg The Silent Invaders and William F. Temple Battle on Venus

1963 - F-199
John Brunner (as by Keith Woodcott) The Psionic Menace and Samuel R. Delany Captives of the Flame

1963 - F-209
Kenneth Bulmer The Wizard of the Starship Poseidon and Poul Anderson Let the Spacemen Beware!

1963 - F-215
John Brunner Listen! The Stars! and Jane Roberts The Rebellers

1963 - F-223
Keith Laumer Envoy to New Worlds and Robert Moore Williams Flight From Yesterday

1963 - F-227
John Brunner Astronauts Musn't Land and The Space-Time Juggler

1963 - F-237
A.Bertram Chandler The Ship From Outside and Beyond the Galactic Rim

1963 - F-242
John Brunner The Rites of Ohe and Castaway World

1964 - F-253
Robert Silverberg (as by Calvin M. Knox) One of Our Asteroids is Missing and A.E. van Vogt The Twisted Men

1964 - F-261
Samuel R. Delany The Towers of Toron and Robert Moore Williams The Lunar Eye

1964 - F-265
Jack Vance The Houses of Iszm and Son of the Tree

1964 - F-273
Marion Zimmer Bradley Falcons of Narabedla and The Dark Intruder

1964 - F-275
Philip E. High No Truce With Terra and Murray Leinster The Duplicators

1964 -F-285
Fritz Leiber Ships to the Stars and Kenneth Bulmer The Million Year Hunt

1964 - F-289
Kenneth Bulmer Demons' World and Tom Purdom I Want the Stars!

1964 - F-299
John Brunner Endless Shadow! and Gardner F. Fox The Arsenal of Miracles

M Series

1964 - M-101
Leigh Brackett The Secret of Sinharat and People of the Talisman

1964 - M-103
Fred Saberhagen The Golden People and Lan Wright The Exile from Xanadu

1964 - M-105
Margaret St. Clair Message from the Eocene and Three Worlds of Futury

1964 - M-107
A.Bertram Chandler ,i>The Coils of Time and Into the Alternate Universe

1965 - M-109
G.C. Edmonson Stranger Than You Think and The Ship That Sailed the Time Stream

1965 - M-111
Edmond Hamilton Fugitive of the Stars and Kenneth Bulmer Land Beyond the Map

1965 - M-113
Damon Knight Off Center and The Rithian Terror

1965 - M-115
John Brunner The Repairmen of Cyclops and Enigma From Tantalus

1965 - M-117
Bruce W. Ronald Our Men in Space and Jack Sharkey Ultimatum in 2050 A.D.

1965 - M-121
Emil Petaja Alpha Yes, Terra No! and Samuel R. Delany The Ballad of Beta-2

1965 - M-123
John Brunner The Alter on Asconel and Ted White Android Avenger

1965 - M-125
Jack Vance Monsters in Orbit and The World Between and Other Stories

1965 - M-127
John Rackham We, The Venusians and Fred Saberhagen The Water of Thought

1965 - M-129
A.Bertram Chandler The Alternate Martians and Empress of Outer Space

1965 - M-131
Kenneth Bulmer Behold the Stars and Mack Reynolds Planetary Agent X

1965 - M-133
A.Bertram Chandler Space Mercenaries and Emil Petaja The Caves of Mars

1966 - M-135
Philip E. High The Mad Metropolis and Murray Leinster Space Captain

1966 - M-139
Samuel R. Delany Empire Star and Tom Purdom The Tree Lord of Imeton

1966 - M-141
Jack Vance The Brains of Earth andThe Many Worlds of Ridolph

G Series

1966 - G-574
Avram Davidson The Kar-Chee Reign and Ursula K. le Guin Rocannon's World

1966 - G-576
John T. Phillfent (as by John Rackham) Danger from Vega and Avram Davidson Clash of the Star-Kings

1966 - G-580
Mack Reynolds Dawnman Planet and Claude Nunes Inherit the Earth

1966 - G-585
John W. Campbell The Planeteers and The Ultimate Weapon

1966 - G-592
Lin Carter The Star Magicians and John Baxter The Off-Worlders

1966 - G-597
Ursula K. le Guin Planet of Exile and Thomas M. Disch Mankind Under the Leash

1966 - G-602
Jack Jardine and Julie Jardine (as by Howard L. Cory) The Mind Monsters and Philip K. Dick The Unteleported Man

1966 - G-606
John T. Phillifent (as by John Rackman) Time to Live and Lin Carter The Man Without a Planet

1967 - G-609
Philip E. High Reality Forbidden and A.Bertram Chandler Contraband From Otherspace

1967 - G-614
Walt Richmond and Leigh Richmond Shock Wave and Frederik L. Shaw, Jr. Envoy to the Dog Star

1967 - M-618
Emil Petaja The Stolen Sun and H. Warner Munn The Ship From Atlantis

1967 - M-623
Philip E. High These Savage Futurians and John T. Phillifent (as by John Rackham) The Double Invaders

1957 - M-632
A.Bertram Chandler Nebula Alert and Mack Reynolds The Rival Rigelians

H Series

1967 - H-20
Kenneth Bulmer The Key to Irunium and Alan Schwartz The Wandering Telluian

1967 - H-21
Jack Vance The Last Castle and Tony Russell Wayman World of the Sleeper

1967 - H-22
Tom Purdom Five Against Arlane and Emil Petaja Lord of the Green Planet

1967 - H-27
Juanita Coulson Crisis on Cheiron and E. C. Tubb The Winds of Gath

1967 - H-29
Walt Richmond and Leigh Richmond The Lost Millennium and A. Bertram Chandler The Road to the Rim

1967 - H-34
Mack Reynolds Computer War and E. C. Tubb Death is a Dream

1967 - H-36
Emil Petaja Tramotane and Michael Moorcock The Wrecks of Time

1968 - H-40
E.C. Tubb C.O.D. Mars and John T. Phillifent (as by John Rackham) Alien Sea

1968 - H-48
Ellen Wobig The Youth Monolopy and Lan Wright The Pictures of Pavanne

1968 - H- 51
John M. Faucette Crown of Infamy and Emil Petaja The Prism

1968 - H-56
Ernest Hill Pity About Earth and R.A. Lafferty Space Chantey

1968 - H-59
Philip E. High The Time Mercenaries and Louis Trimble Anthropol

1968 - H-65
Mack Reynolds The Mercenary From Tomorrow and Kenneth Bulmer The Key to Venudine

1968 - H-70
Dean R. Kootz Star Quest and Emil Petaja Doom of the Green Planet

1968 - H-77
Juanita Coulson The Singing Stones and E.C. Tubb Derai

1968 - H-85
Philip E. High Invader on My Back and Donald A. Wollheim (as by David Grinnell) and Lin Carter Destination: Saturn

1968 - H-91
Laurence M. Janifer and S. J. Treibich Target Terra and John Rackham The Proxima Project

1968 - H-95
Clifford D. Simak So Bright the Vision and Jeff Sutton The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

1968 - H-103
Mack Reynolds Code Duello and John M. Faucette The Age of Ruin

Numeric Series

January 1969 - 22600
Dean R. Koontz The Fall of the Dream Machine and Kenneth Bulmer The Star Venturers

February 1969 - 72400
A.Bertram Chandler The Rim Gods and Laurence M. Janifer The High Hex

March 1969 - 30300
Fritz Leiber The Green Millennium and Night Monsters

April 1969 - 37250
Marion Zimmer Bradley The Brass Dragon and John Rackham Ipomoea

May 1969 - 23140
Dean R. Koontz Fear That Man and E.C. Tubb Toyman

June 1969 - 77710
Robert Lory The Eyes of Bolsk and Mack Reynolds The Space Barbarians

July 1969 - 81680
John Jakes Tonight We Steal the Stars and Laurence M. Janifer and S. J. Treibich The Wagered World

August 1969 - 12140
Brian M. Stableford Cradle of the Sun and Kenneth Bulmer The Wizards of Senchuria

September 1969 - 42800
E. C. Tubb Kalin and Alex Dain The Bane of Kanthos

October 1969 - 23775
Barry N. Malzberg (as by K. M. O'Donnell) Final War and Other Fantasies and John Rackham Treasure of Tau Ceti

November 1969 - 42900
Lin Carter Tower of the Medusa and George H. Smith Kar Kaballa

December 1969 - 66160
Nick Kamin Earthrim and Walt Richmond and Leigh Richmond Phoenix Ship

January 1970 - 89250
Marion Zimmer Bradley The Winds of Darkover and John Rackham The Anything Tree

February 1970 - 06707
Brian M. Stableford The Blind Worm and Emil Petaja Seed of Dreamers

March 1970 - 81680
Donald A. Wollheim (as by David Grinnell) To Venus! To Venus and E. C. Tubb The Jester at Scar

April 1970 - 27235
Walt Richmond and Leigh Richmond Gallaghers Glacier and Positive Charge

May 1970 - 24100
John Rackman Flower of Doradi and Jeremy Strike A Promising Planet
Philip Jose Farmer Lord of the Trees and The Mad Goblin

June 1970 - 76096
Jeff Sutton Altons Unguessable and Kenneth Bulmer The Ships of Durostorum

July 1970 - 52180
Robert Lory A Harvest of Hoodwinks and Masters of the Lamp

August 1970 - 78400
John Jakes Masks of Chaos and Barrington Bayley The Star Virus

September 1970 - 51375
Philip Jose Farmer The Mad Gobiln and Lord of the Trees

October 1970 - 11560
Suzette Haden Elgin The Commuipaths and Louis Trimble The Noblest Experiment

November 1970 - 13793
Dean R. Koontz Soft Come the Dragons and Dark of the Woods

December 1970
Neal Barrett, Jr. The Gates of Time and Barry N. Malzberg (as by K. M. O'Donnell Dwellers of the Deep

January 1971 - 58880
Sam Lundwall Alice's World and No Time for Heroes

February 1971 - 05595
Kenneth Bulmer Electric Sword Swallowers and John Rackham Beyond Capella

March 1971 - 11182
Ron Goulart Clockwork Pirates and Ghost Breaker

April 1971 - 71082
Claudia Nunes and Rhoda Nunes Recoil and E.C. Tubb Lallia

May 1971 - 13783
A. Bertram Chandler The Dark Dimensions and Alternate Orbits

June 1971 - 13805
John Rackham Dark Planet and Nick Kamin The Herod Men

July 1971 - 77785
Eric Frank Russell Six Worlds Yonder and The Space Willies

August 1971 - 68310
John Glasby Project Jove and Kenneth Bulmer The Hunters of Jundagai

September 1971 - 27415
Barry N. Malzberg (as K.M. O'Donnell) Gather in the Hall of Pirates and In the Pocket and Other S-F Stories

October 1971 - 66525
Murray Leinster The Mutant Weapon and Pirates of Zan

November 1971 - 75781
Leigh Brackett The Secret of Sinharat and People of the Talisman

December 1971 - 77525
Jack Vance Son of the TreeThe Houses of Iszm

January 1972 - 33710
Neal Barrett, Jr. Highwood and Barrington Bayley Annihilation Factor

February 1972 - 15890
A.Bertram Chandler The Rim of Space and Marion Zimmer Bradley The Door Through Space

March 1972 - 77975
E.C. Tubb Technos and Scatter of Stardus

April 1972 - 16640
Jack Vance The Dragon Masters and The Five Gold Bands

May 1972 - 00990
Susan K. Putney Against Nature and Dean R. Koontz Time Thieves

June 1972 - 37062
A.Bertram Chandler The Inheritors and The Gateway to Never

July 1972 - 10293
John Rackham Earthstrings and Kenneth Bulmer The Chariots of Ra

August 1972 - 06612
Mack Reynolds Blackman's Burden and Border, Breed Nor Birth

September 1972 - 15697
Philip K. Dick The Unteleported Man and Dr. Futurity

October 1972 - 31755
A.Bertram Chandler The Hard Way Up and Robert Lory The Veiled World

November 1972 - 11451
A.Bertram Chandler Coils of Time and Into the Alternate Universe

December 1972 - 22576
Marion Zimmer Bradley Falcons of Narabedla and The Dark Intruder & Other Stories

January 1973 - 76960
Lester del Rey Badge of Infamy and The Sky is Falling

February 1973 - 11650
Mack Reynolds Computer War and Code Duello

March 1973 - 93900
Ross Rocklynne The Sun Destroyers and Edmond Hamilton A Yank at Valhalla

April 1973 - 16641
Jack Vance The Dragon Masters and The Last Castle

May 1973 - 53415
John T. Phillifent Hierarchies and Doris Piserchia Mister Justice

June 1973 - 76380
William F. Temple Battle on Venus and The Three Suns of Amara

July 1973 - 89301
E.C. Tubb Derai and The Winds of Gath

August 1973 - 48245
John T. Phillifent Life Without Lancelot and William Barton Hunting on Kunderer

September 1973 - 66995
Mack Reynolds The Rival Rigelians and Planetary Agent X

October 1973 - 14250
Mack Reynolds Depression or Bust and Dawnman Planet

November 1973 - 20571
Samuel R. Delany The Ballad of Beta-2 and Empire Star

December 1973 - 24035
Mack Reynolds The Five Way Secret Agent and Mercenary from Tomorrow

March 1977 - 66093
Clark Darlton The Stolen Spacefleet and Kurt Mahr Sgt. Robot

April 1977 - 66094
William Voltz Seeds of Ruin and K.H. Scheer Planet Mechanica

May 1977 - 66095
Clark Darlton Heritage of the Lizard People and Kurt Mahr Death's Demand

June 1977 - 66096
Kurt Brand Saboteurs in A-1 and William Voltz The Psycho Duel

August 1977 - 66097
K.H. Scheer Savior of the Empire and Clark Darlton The Shadows Attack

September 1977 - 66098
W.W. Shols The Wasp Men Attack and Ernest Vlcek Atlan #1: Spider Desert

October 1977 - 66099
Kurt Mahr Menace of Atomigeddon and Clark Darlton Atlan #2: Flight From Tarkihl

November 1977 - 66121
W.W. Shols Robot Threat: New York and Hans Kneifel Atlan #3: Pale Country Pursuit

December 1977 - 66128
K.H. Scheer Atlan #4: The Crystal Prince and Clark Darlton Atlan #5: War of the Ghost

April 1978 - 73100
A.Bertram Chandler The Road to the Rim and The Hard Way Up

August 1978 - 72403
A.Bertram Chandler The Dark Dimension and The Rim Gods

Inspired by the Ace Doubles collection, from 1988 - 1991 Tor published their Tor Doubles series. It began in Dos--dos binding, but toward the end of the series, they switched over to a more traditional format. Following is a list of their publications in this style.

1988 - #1
Arthur C. Clarke A Meeting with Medusa and Kim Stanley Robinson Green Mars

1988 - #2
Greg Bear Hardfought and Timothy Zahn Cascade Point

1988 - #3
Robert Silverberg Born with the Dead and Brian W. Aldiss The Saliva Tree

1989 - #4
John Varley Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo and Samuel R. Delany The Star Pit

1989 - #5
Poul Anderson No Truth With Kings and Fritz Leiber Ship of Shadows

1989 - #6
Barry Longyear Enemy Mine and John Kessel Another Orphan

1989 - #7
Vonda McIntyre Screwtop and James Tiptree, Jr. The Girl Who Was Plugged In

1989 - #8
Leigh Brackett The Nemesis From Terra and Edmond Hamilton Battle For the Stars

1989 - #9
Isaac Asimov The Ugly Little Boy and Theodore Sturgeon The [Widget], the [Wadget] and Boff

1989 - #10
Robert Silverberg Sailing to Byzantium and Gene Wolfe Seven American Nights

1989 - #11
James Tiptree, Jr. Houston, Houston, Do You Read? and Joanna Russ Souls

1989 - #12
Roger Zelazny He Who Shapes and Kate Wilhelm The Infinity Box

1989 - #13
Kim Stanley Robinson The Blind Geometer and Ursula K. le Guin The New Atlantis

1989 - #14
Poul Anderson The Saturn Game and Gregory Benford and Paul A. Carter Iceborn

1989 - #15
Jack Vance The Last Castle and Robert Silverberg Nightwings

1990 - #16
James Tiptree, Jr. The Color of Neanderthal Eyes and Michael Bishop And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees

1990 - #17
L. Sprague de Camp Divide and Rule and Leigh Brackett The Sword of Rhiannon

1990 - #18
C.L. Moore In Another Country and Robert Silverberg Vintage Season

1990 - #19
Fritz Leiber III Met in Lankhmar and The Fair in Emain Macha

1990 - #20
L. Sprague de Camp The Pugnacious Peacemaker and Harry Turtledove The Wheels of If

1990 - #21
Roger Zelazny Home is the Hangman and Samuel R. Delany We, in Some Strange Power's Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line

1990 - #22
Karen Haber Thieves' Carnival and Leigh Brackett The Jewel of Bas

1990 - #23
Norman Spinrad Riding the Torch and Joan D. Vinge Tin Soldier

1990 - #24
Walter Jon Williams Elegy for Angels and Roger Zelazny The Graveyard Heart

1990 - #25
John M. Ford Fugue State Gene Wolfe The Death of Doctor Island

1990 - #26
John Varley Press Enter and Robert Silverberg Hawksbill Station

1990 - #27
Orson Scott Card Eye for Eye and Lloyd Biggle, Jr. The Tunesmith

1990 - #28
Kim Stanley Robinson A Short, Sharp Shock and Jack Vance The Dragon Masters

1990 - #29
Ian Watson Nanoware Time and John Varley The Persistence of Vision

1990 - #30
Poul Anderson The Longest Voyage and Steven Popkes Slow Lightning

1990 - #31
Gordon R. Dickson Naked To the Stars and The Alien Way

1990 - #32
Mike Resnick Bwana and Bully!

1990 - #33
Damon Knight Rule Golden and Double Meaning

1990 - #35
Dean Ing Silent Thunder and Robert A. Heinlein Universe

1990 - #36
Fritz Leiber Conjure Wife and Our Lady of Darkness

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