T.J. Bass

Thomas J. Bassler was born on July 7, 1932 in Clinton, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1959. He worked as deputy medical examiner in Los Angeles from 1961 to 1964. Then Bassler went into private practice as a pathologist. He began publishing as T.J. Bass in 1968 with his story, Star Itch, appearing in Worlds of If. His two novels, Half-Past Human and The Godwhale were both nominated for Nebula awards. He died on December 13, 2011, age 79.

The Godwhale

"Rorqual Maru was a cyborg - part organic whale, part mechanized ship.and part god. She was a harvester - a vast plankton rake, new without a crop - abandoned by Earth Society when the seas died. So she selected an island for her grave hoping to keep her carcass visible for possible salvage. Although her long ear heard nothing, she believed that Man still lived in his Hive. If he should ever return to the sea she wanted to serve. She longed for the thrill of Man's bare feet touching the skin of her deck. She missed the hearty hails, the sweat and the laughter. She needed man! The critically acclaimed sequel to Half-Past Human."

Original Publication: Ballantine, January 1974
This Edition: Ballantine, November 1975
Cover Art: Darrell Sweet
Format: Paperback



Half-Past Human

"The hive supreme. And that meant that humans simply had to challenge it Tinker was a good citizen of the Hive - a model worker. But when he was allowed sexual activation he found Mu Ren who, like him, harboured forbidden genes. And so began the cataclysm. In this pulsating, panoramic vision of the future we find - half-wild humans hunted for sport - articulate, miraculous machines from the far past - the last dog in the world - a mighty starship vanished into myth - and above all, the Hive - greater far than its stunted, pink-blooded citizens - prepared to rise and crush anyone who challenges its supremacy."

Original Publication: Ballantine, July 1971
This Edition: Methuen, 1984
Cover Art: Richard Sparks
Format: Paperback


Two short stories, Half Past Human and G.I.T.A.R. were combined to form this novel. Nominate for a Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1971.


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