Hannes Bok

Wayne Francis Woodward was born in Kansas City, Missouri on July 2, 1914. His family was touched by tragedy when his 2-year old sister passed away and his mother had a nervous breakdown. After graduating high school, Woodward hitchhiked around the country, eventually meeting Maxfield Parrish. Parrish became his mentor and friend, encouraging Woodward's artistic talents. His artwork became more widely appreciated and he eventually met Ray Bradbury while attending a meeting of the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society. In 1939, Bradbury acted as an agent for Woodward and showed his artwork to the fantasy publishers at the first Science Fiction Convention in New York in 1939. As a result, Woodward's first paid work was for Weird Tales in December of 1939. He went on to create more than 600 story illustrations and 150 pulp magazine covers between 1939 and 1963.

As an author and illustrator, Woodward published under the pseudonym Hannes Bok. His work was first seen in Unknown and Startling Stories. He is best known for The Sorcerer's Ship, originally published by John W. Campbell in 1942. This work and Beyond the Golden Stair have been reissued. Additionally, he completed two novellas by A. Merritt that were incomplete at the time of Merritt's death, The Blue Pagoda and The Black Wheel.

In his later life Woodward became reclusive. For years he suffered from a poor diet and worse health. He died in his apartment in Manhattan of a heart attack on April 11, 1964 at the age of 49.

The Sorcerer's Ship

"If Hannes Bok was primarily an artist rather than a writer, it is surely because the one activity left him little time for the other. But since he saw with an artist's eye and was most fortunately endowed with a talent for both forms of expression, Bok's prose is prismatic, jewelled, his imagery graphically clear. From his small literary output, Ballantine Books is happy to present The Sorcerer's Shi, here available for the first time in book form."

Original Publication: Ballantine, December 1969
This Edition: Ballantine, December 1969
Cover Art: Ray Cruz
Format: Paperback



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