Fredric Brown

Fredric Brown was born on October 29, 1906 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is most well known for his vignettes, stories 1-3 pages in length, humorous and containing surprise endings. He specialized in science fiction and detective novels, winning an Edgar Award in 1947 for The Fabulous Clipjoint. While his stories are often obscure and go unrecognized by the general fan, he has drawn the attention of many of his fellow authors and has been praised by Neil Gaiman, Mickey Spillane and Ayn Rand, to name a few. Brown died on March 11, 1972 leaving a note that read "No flowers, no funeral, no fuss."

Rogue in Space

"Crag. Misfit. Loner. Earth or Mars, Good or Evil - it was all the same until he met the Rogue who forced him to learn what life was all about."

Original Publication: E.P. Dutton, February 1957
This Edition: Bantam, August 1971
Cover Art: Lou Feck
Format: Paperback



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