Louis Charbonneau

Henry Louis Charbonneau was born January 24, 1924 in Detroit, Michigan. He served in World War II in the United States Air Force. He later studied at the University of Detroit and earned a Master of Arts degree. In 1952, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a journalist for the L.A. Times. He then began to write for radio and film.

Between the years of 1958 and 1979, Charbonneau published 6 science fiction novels. While producing these novels, he also wrote in other genres, westerns and mysteries, under the pen name Carter Travis Young. Since the 1980s, the bulk of his work was in the horror genre.

No Place On Earth

"Imprisoned in a tomblike cell the young man faced the relentless questioning and subtle torture of his inquisitor. As the young man's defiance gradually crumbled into helplessness, he revealed many things about his past, his long-ago love for a beautiful woman, his activities in the Underground, his ceaseless efforts to sabotage the dictatorship which had enslaved the world. But his hunger for freedom was as strong as his inquisitor's hunger for power. Only a third man could step into this deadlock of wills and, in so doing, change the course of history. Louis Charbonneau has created here a breath-stealing balance of suspense and terror. No Place On Earth is a brilliant new example of the science fiction novel."

Original Publication: Doubleday, September 1958
This Edition: Science Fiction Book Club, January 1959
Cover Art: Joseph Mugnaini
Format: Hardback



The Sentinel Stars

"Rigid! Locked! Enslaved! That was our Earth in 2200. East and West had merged at last, so there were no more wars, no more political differences. Citizens everywhere could concentrate on working off their TAX DEBTS! If you were capable and industrious, you might be able to make freeman status for the last few years of your life. No one questioned. No one spoke out. No one rebelled until one bright morning CItizen TRH-247 decided not to go to work - and worse than that, became desirous of a girl below his own classification! Thus he made himself an outcast with the whole world against him and mere survival dependent on his wits, his daring, his strength. The Sentinel Stars - a novel of our world run as the Byreay of Internal Revenue would run it!"

Original Publication: Bantam Books, November 1963
This Edition: Bantam Books, November 1963
Cover Art: Unknown
Format: Hardback



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