Allan Cole

Empire's End

"The Emperor's New Woes! At Last! The explosive finale of Sten's adventures as the Eternal Emperor's most trusted friend, body guard, troubleshooter..and assassin! SEE Sten undertake the ultimate treasure hunt, as he and his comrades seek out the source of the Eternal Emperor's power: Anti-Matter Two. LEARN the secret of the Eternal Emperor's past: Who is he? Where did he come from? And how did he become immortal? WATCH as the loyal STEN turns traitor at last, turning on the Eternal Emperor to save his own skin...and the Empire itself! Eternity is doomed to end. And if Sten has his way, it will end sooner than later!"

Year of Publication: Del Rey/Ballantine, March 1993
This Edition: Del Rey/Ballantine, March 1993
Cover Art: Bruce Jensen
Format: Paperback


Collaboration with Chris Bunch


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