Michael Davidson

Daughter of Is

"In the beginning there was the word. For six days the mighty generators of the Prometheus had discharged their bolts of lightning through the primitive atmosphere of Orion III-Eleven, now renamed the planet Mazda. On the seventh day, two crewmen descended to draw in a sample of the Mazdean Sea for analysis. The results surpassed their hopes. The yields of compounds were amazing in their variety and number. Now it was only a matter of time before life inevitably began. But this time life would take a far different course than it had on Earth. For now the best and wisest representatives of the human race would be able to shape and guide the new race of beings toward perfection...Thus it began. Where it would end, not even these humans about to play God could guess..."

Original Publication: Popular, 1978
This Edition: Popular, 1978
Cover Art: Carlos Ochagavia
Format: Paperback



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