Laurence James

Laurence James was born September 21, 1942. He published his first novel in 1974, Earth Lies Sleeping. James has written under a number of pen names, but is best remembered for his Deathlands series, written as James Axler; he penned no less than 32 novels in this series. After his death from cancer in 2000, Axler remained a house name and has continued to be used.

War on Aleph

"It is five hundred years in the future. Strange new worlds and alien races have evolved. The universe as we know it has become a densely populated community. Interplanetary travel is now a routine matter. In this fascinating world of tomorrow the Inter-Galactic Security Service is at work fighting the forces of crime and evil - still very much a part of society's problems. Commander SImon Kennedy Rack and his assistant, Ensign Bogart, are special agents of the I.G.S.S. As a team, they are given the tough, nearly impossible assignments - and they pursue their work with ferocious brilliance. In this episode Rack is faced with the struggle of two powerful planets maneuvering for the capture of a lesser planet, Virrona. The pressures of population and environmental crises have caused the people of the planets Aleph and Gimel to search greedily for new life-supporting space...and Virrona is the ideal solution. Negotiations have deadlocked, however, and only one spark is needed to trigger a war that may destroy the entire Omicron Galaxy. Desperate diplomacy and threats of war give way to a duel of humor and even a love affair as Rack tries to discover a new way to avert disaster!"

Original Publication: Zebra Books/Kensington Publishing, June 1974
This Edition: Zebra Books/Kensington Publishing, June 1974
Cover Art: Unknown
Format: Paperback


Variant title of Starcross


Earth Lies Sleeping

"Commander Simon Kennedy Rack and his trusted assistant, Ensign Bogart, are special agents of the Inter-Galactic Security Service. The time is about five hundred years into the future - and strange new worlds and alien races have been discovered. Our universe is now a well-populated community and interplanetary travel has become routine. As with any dynamic environment that contains living beings there are problems. The forces of crime and evil are no exception, and it is in this lawless arena that Simon Rack operates. His missions are chosen to make good use of both his intellect and his rebellious killer instincts. Our first episode takes place on Earth, a desolate and ravaged planet, nearly annihilated by the neutronic wars of the twenty-first century. Rack must infiltrate the inner circles of a feudalistic society formed by survivors of Earth's catastrophe. He has to discover why vital cargoes of Pheronium are being withheld from visiting spaceships. The mission appears to be within his grasp...but not before a brutal contest with the wicked Baron Mescarl, and a romantic bout with the beauteous Guenara. Rack cannot be completely victorious this day. A battle is won but the war goes on."

Original Publication: Zebra Books, February 1974
This Edition: Pinnacle Books, April 1975
Cover Art: Vincent di Fate
Format: Paperback



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