Burroughs B5971  
Written by Accutron on 2017-03-21  

Though it resembles the commonly available B5991, the Burroughs B5971 is a segmented alphanumeric Nixie display, with a single plane of linear cathodes. Although the B5971 appears to have a 16-segment readout like later alphanumeric LED displays, it actually only has 13 distinct cathodes. The top and bottom segments are constructed of single cathode, and the center vertical segment is a single cathode as well. This arrangement prevents the display of some characters, such as a capital 'Y'.

Burroughs also manufactured the B7971, a large side-view alphanumeric Nixie tube used in Ultronic Lectrascan stock ticker displays.

Burroughs B5971 alphanumeric Nixie tube under normal operation.

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