NEC SN713B & SN756  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-17  

Devices included in this entry:

NEC SN713B (10-pin plastic DIP; pictured in thumbnail)
NEC SN756 (10-pin plastic and ceramic DIP)

The NEC SN713B and SN756 are early Japanese-manufactured seven segment displays with a highly diffuse red filter. The SN713B is a fairly common device, but the SN756 seems to be a complete mystery. Little is known about this history of these devices. If you have any information about early NEC LED displays, please contact us.

Special thanks to Dr. Bruce Jarnot for donating these display.

NEC SN713B numeric LED display.

NEC SN756 numeric LED display. Unlike the SN713B, which has a carrier made entirely of plastic, the SN756 is supported by a ceramic substrate.

NEC SN713B and SN756, underside construction.

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