ETL GC10/A  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-21  

Introduced in 1949, the ETL GC10/A counter is the world's first commercially manufactured dekatron. The GC10/A is a double pulse, two guide, 10 position device, housed in what would become the standard elongated envelope of many later Ericsson dekatrons. Internally, the GC10/A is very different from later devices, with a helium fill gas and primitive internal construction consiting of an elaborate framework of metal rings and mica supports. The GC10/A and subsequent GC10B established a basic plan which would be followed by most other dekatrons, the major exceptions being devices manufactured by Elesta and Western Electric. In contrast to the commonly available GC10B, the GC10/A is extremely rare. Most known examples of this device are currently installed in a single memory bank in the AERE WITCH computer.

ETL GC10/A counter dekatron.

GC10/A dekatron, top view.

GC10/A dekatron, original carton.

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