NEC PC-8201a  
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NEC PC-8201a portable computer (pictured in thumbnail)
Node Computer Systems 8kB Memory Expansion Module
Node Computer Systems Datapac 32kB RAM cartridge
Touchbase Systems MDM-9 modem

In 1983, Kyocera introduced the Kyotronic KC-85, an early slab-style laptop computer based on the Intel 8085 microprocessor architecture. The KC-85 was equipped with an integrated text editor, telecommunications application and a Microsoft BASIC programming environment. Kyocera licensed the Kyotronic platform to NEC, Olivetti and Tandy. The most common of these machines was the Tandy TRS-80 Model 100, which is largely identical to the KC-85 base specification, but includes scheduler and address book software, as well as modem and bar code reader I/O ports. The Olivetti M-10 is similar to the Model 100, but has additional RAM/ROM expansion sockets and an adjustable-tilt screen.

The NEC variant of the KC-85 is the PC-8201a, the most versatile and expandable first-generation Kyotronic system. While the KC-85, M-10 and Model 100 are limited to 32kB RAM, the PC-8201a can be expanded up to 64kB RAM internally, and has a side-facing slot which accepts battery-backed RAM cartridges. The PC-8201a also has two 19,200 baud SIO ports, making it useful for datalogging and automation tasks.

NEC PC-8201a User's Guide (PDF)
NEC PC-8201a Technical Manual (PDF)
NEC PC-8201a Service Manual (PDF)
NEC PC-8201a N82-BASIC Reference Manual (PDF)

NEC PC-8201a portable computer.

PC-8201a with Node Computer Systems Datapac 32kB battery-backed RAM cartridge.

PC-8201a, RAM expansion bay with six Node Computer Systems 8kB Memory Expansion Modules installed.

PC-8201a, view of motherboard.

PC-8201a, integrated RAM. Each 28-pin hybrid cerDIP includes four Hitachi HM6117LFP-4 2kB CMOS SRAM flat-packs. These devices are similar to Mostek RAM-PAK modules.

Touchbase Systems MDM-9 modem, as installed in the PC-8201a.

Node Computer Systems Datapac 32kB battery-backed RAM cartridges.

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