Telesensory Systems S14001A  
Written by Accutron on 2017-03-14  

Although Texas Instruments is most commonly associated with early speech synthesizers, The Telesensory Systems S14001A was introduced in late 1975, making it the first of such devices. TSI was developing the Speech+, a talking calculator for visually impaired users, and collaborated with Silicon Systems, Inc. to manufacture a speech synthesizer based on the original speech synthesis algorithm developed by Dr. Forrest S. Mozer. The resulting device was the S14001A, a 1500-transistor PMOS device with a 4-bit D/A converter, which operates at 13KHz.

Telesensory Systems S14001A speech synthesizer, plastic DIP variation. Earlier examples of this device are packaged in a white cerDIP with a gold cavity lid.

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