Burroughs BX-2012 & BX-2013  
Written by Accutron on 2011-07-19  

Devices included in this entry:

Burroughs BX-2012 shielded Beam-X Switch (pictured in thumbnail)
Burroughs BX-2013 shielded Beam-X Switch

The BX-2012 is electrically equivalent to a BX-1000 or BX-2000, but has been 'specially tested for decoding BCD', which is Burroughs-ese for 'more fairy dust'. The BX-2012 is among the rarest Beam-X types, with very few known examples.

The BX-2013 is currently uncharacterized, but is believed to be a variant of the BX-2012.

Burroughs BX-2012, shielded Beam-X Switch.

BX-2013, an uncharacterized variant of the BX-2012, 1969 date code.

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