Ericsson RYG10  
Written by Accutron on 2011-11-06  

Perhaps the most unique counting tube ever produced, the Ericsson RYG10 is an early two-electrode magnetic beam switching tube, with a sleeve-type anode similar to some Burroughs pre-production designs. However, the RYG10 incorporates a feature not seen in any other MBST: the RYG10 is capable of displaying its own count position, with a circular end-view readout comparable to a conventional Dekatron. Unlike a dekatron, which derives its readout from the ionization of its fill gas, the RYG10 is a thermionic device, and derives its readout from phosphor-coated targets located at each count position around the circumference of the anode sleeve. Each target is lit in succession as the electron beam sweeps the targets sequentially. The RYG10 has a maximum counting speed of 1 MHz.

Ericsson RYG10 beam switching tube with external magnet and test socket.

Ericsson RYG10, bare tube. Unlike most external magnet MBSTs, the RYG10 magnet is not permanently affixed to the glass envelope.

RYG10 packaging.

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