Wired Wrong  
Written by Accutron on 2012-10-10  

A photo editor from Wired.com emailed me a few days ago, asking if they could use one of our photos in an article. Little did I know they were going to use our photo as their poster child in the mainstream media's grand perpetuation of the Holonyak Creation Myth. Their article flatly states "The first LEDs were red", and makes no mention of the actual first LEDs or their inventors.

Nick Holonyak did indeed invent the first visible LED. He did not, however, invent the first LED, and the first LED was not visible red. The first LED was invented in 1961, at Texas Instruments, by Bob Biard and Gary Pittman. Their device was infrared, not visible red. The first commercial LED was the TI SNX-100 infrared LED, introduced in 1962.

Don't believe everything you read.

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