Texas Instruments TIL308 & TIL309  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-14  

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Texas Instruments TIL308 (16-pin epoxy DIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Texas Instruments TIL309 (16-pin epoxy DIP)

Although the Texas Instruments TIL308 and TIL309 appear nearly identical to the TIL306, their internal operation is quite different. Instead of having an integrated decade counter, the TIL308 and TIL309 are equipped with a BCD decoder, and provide a hexadecimal readout. Unlike the more popular TIL311 which succeeded them, the TIL308 and TIL309 are equipped with four BCD latch output pins.

The TIL308 and TIL309 are nearly identical, the only difference being that the TIL308 has a decimal point to the left of the digit, while the TIL309's decimal point is placed on the right.

Special thanks to Dr. Bruce Jarnot for donating these rare displays.

Texas Instruments TIL308 & TIL309 Datasheet (PDF)

Texas Instruments TIL308 intelligent LED display.

Texas Instruments TIL309 intelligent LED display.

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