Airesearch 948958-18 Electronic Turbine Control  
Written by Accutron on 2013-02-16  

The Airesearch 948958-18 Electronic Turbine Control (ETC) is the control unit of the Boeing 747-100 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). The APU is a gas turbine generator, located in the tail of the aircraft, which provides power for all non-propulsion functions. The ETC is a simple computer which regulates fuel flow to the APU turbine, calculated as a function of exhaust gas temperature and/or turbine RPM. The unit pictured here was originally installed in a Boeing 747-123 (cn 20103/65), which first flew on August 8, 1970.

Airesearch 948958-18 Electronic Turbine Control.

948958-18, lid removed.

948958-18, top-down view of card cage.

948958-18, closeup of electronics and interface wiring.

948958-18, sensor intakes.

948958-18, identification placard and removal tag.

Boeing 747-123 cn 20103/65 (United N154UA), pictured at Hong Kong's infamous Kai Tak International Airport, January 10, 1993.

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