Casio OH-7000G  
Written by Accutron on 2013-05-20  

In 1985, Casio introduced the world's first handheld graphing calculator, the FX-7000G. The FX-7000G features 13-digit precision, a 96x64 dot matrix LCD and 422 bytes of on-board memory for storage of user-made programs. The FX-7000G was a revolution in handheld calculators, which would define the basic architecture of virtually all graphing calculators manufactured by both Casio and Texas Instruments over the next 20 years.

The OH-7000G shown here is a unique variant of the FX-7000G, designed for instructional use with an overhead projector. The OH-7000G has a heat-resistant, translucent LCD display as well as notable cosmetic differences, but is otherwise functionally identical to the FX-7000G.

Casio OH-7000G graphing calculator.

OH-7000G, transparent heat-resistant LCD display.

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