Lanston Monotype 'The Barrett'  
Written by Accutron on 2015-06-05  

Glenn J. Barrett was a pioneering engineer of typewriters and mechanical calculators, and produced a number of designs for Burroughs, L.C. Smith (later Smith & Corona) and Remington. In 1910, Barrett designed a new type of calculating mechanism, and later launched the Barrett Adding Machine Co. in 1914. In 1922, Barrett sold his company to Lanston Monotype, which continued to manufacture Barrett calculators into the 1940s.

The model pictured here was produced during the Lanston Monotype era, and was marketed simply as 'The Barrett'. The Barrett is equipped with a nine-column keyboard, 12-digit accumulator and printer.

Lanston Monotype 'The Barrett' comptometer-style mechanical adding machine.

The Barrett, accumulator register and print mechanism.

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