Texas Instruments Silent 700 Model 745  
Written by Accutron on 2015-06-05  

The TI Silent 700 Model 745 Portable Data Terminal is a late-model 300 baud KSR teletypewriter, built upon the Intel 8080 microprocessor. The Model 745 has an integrated acoustic coupler modem and serial interface. The Silent 700 line includes ASR, KSR and RO variants, released in several different product generations through the 1970s. All Silent 700 series terminals utilize TI's low-noise thermal printing technology.

Silent 700 terminals were widely adopted and, along with early portable programmable calculators, played a key role in acclimating users to the concept of portable computing, long before true portable computers were technically feasible.

Texas Instruments Silent 700 Model 745 Operating Instructions (PDF)
Texas Instruments Silent 700 Model 743 & 745 Maintenance Manual (PDF)

Texas Instruments Silent 700 Model 745 KSR teletypewriter.

Model 745 with carrying lid attached.

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