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Written by Accutron on 2015-06-06  

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Texas Instruments TI-30 scientific calculator (pictured in thumbnail)
Texas Instruments SR-40 scientific calculator

The Texas Instruments TI-30 is the quintessential student scientific calculator. Introduced in 1976 at a price of $24.95, the TI-30 offered a full scientific function set at a truly affordable price. The TI-30 marked the beginning of Texas Instruments' total domination over the high school and college scientific calculator market, a position which they still enjoy to this day. The TI-30 line has well over a dozen iterations spanning more than three decades.

Introduced the same day as the TI-30, the SR-40 is functionally identical, sharing the same case, keyboard layout, TMC0981 calculator IC and other internal components. The only differences between the TI-30 and SR-40 are the battery systems (alkaline versus Nicad) and the placement of the key labels. The key labels on the TI-30 are printed on the aluminum bezel above each key, while the SR-40 has three different colors of double-shot keys. These small changes represented a tremendous difference in manufacturing cost: the initial list price of the SR-40 was $49.95, double the price of the TI-30.

Texas Instruments TI-30 scientific calculator.

TI-30 owner's manual and stylish faux denim carrying case. TI carrying cases are widely regarded by HP calculator owners for their effective anti-theft characteristics.

Texas Instruments SR-40 scientific calculator.

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