Panasonic 1000 Type JE-102U  
Written by Accutron on 2015-06-24  

Introduced around 1970, the Panasonic 1000 is a stylish four-function calculator with some impressive and unusual technology. The Panasonic 1000 uses a ceramic-and-gold six-chip Mitsubishi chipset, socketed behind a transistor-driven display assembly composed of discrete side-view Futaba DG-10S VFD tubes. A seventh socketed Mitsubishi IC is located on the keyboard PCB, and appears to handle the keyboard scanning and encoding. Like many other Japanese calculators from this era, the Panasonic 1000 uses a magnetically actuated reed switch keyboard.

Panasonic 1000 Type JE-102U electronic four-function calculator.

Panasonic 1000, display assembly and drive transistors.

Panasonic 1000, Mitsubishi MA813x chipset.

Panasonic 1000, underside of keyboard, showing the reed switch mechanisms and drive IC.

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