Casio fx-115D Super-FX  
Written by Accutron on 2015-06-25  

Introduced in 1991, the Casio fx-115D Super-FX is a fairly typical non-programmable scientific calculator of the period. The fx-115D is equipped with a 10-digit LCD display, solar power with continuous memory battery backup, seven storage registers, base conversion functions and algebraic syntax. The fx-115D was positioned to compete with TI-30 models from the same era, a rivalry of product series which continues to this day.

The fx-115D is an early example of fully mature handheld calculator technology. The internal components consist of a bare chip-on-flex CPU die bonded directly to the keyboard membrane, LCD, solar panel, two diodes and a battery. The keyboard's conductive contacts are bonded directly to the inside of the bottom of the case.

Curator's Note: The fx-115D was my first scientific calculator, purchased at a K-Mart in 1991.

Casio Super-FX 203c Manual - fx-100D / fx-115D / fx-570AD / fx-570D / fx-991D (PDF)

Casio fx-115D Super-FX solar scientific calculator.

fx-115D, internal construction.

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