Burroughs C3263  
Written by Accutron on 2015-06-25  

A later member of the Burroughs C3200 series, the C3263 is equipped with a 3-chip Hitachi LSI chipset which permits a tremendous reduction in physical size as compared to earlier models. The C3263 uses a 12-digit VFD assembly consisting of discrete single-digit tubes which displays odd half-height zeroes, made even more apparent by the fact that leading zeroes aren't blanked. The C3263 also uses an unusual linear keyboard mechanism seen in a number of Japan-manufactured calculators. Each key's plunger is equipped with a permanent magnet, which closes a reed switch when the key is depressed. Like other Burroughs electronic calculators, the C3263 was manufactured by Sharp.

Burroughs C3263 four-function electronic calculator.

C3263, logic board and display assembly.

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