Victor Comptometer 19-4461S  
Written by Accutron on 2017-05-07  

The Victor 19-4461S is a heavy duty print-only four function desktop calculator with memory. While most competing machines from the period are equipped with a drum printer, the massive body of the 19-4461S houses a Victor-designed 7-pin dot matrix impact printer which generates 5x7 characters. The 19-4461S is based on a 4-chip Rockwell calculator chipset, and is similar in construction to other Victor 1800 and 1900 series calculators.

Victor 19-4461S four-function desktop calculator.

19-4461S calculator, view of impact printer mechanism.

Impact print head removed from a Victor 1900 series calculator. Note the seven large needle actuators at the rear of the print head.

1900 series print head, view of needle aperture.

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