Crown CL-80K  
Written by Accutron on 2015-06-25  

Like many other electronics companies in the early 1970s, Crown Radio Corporation jumped into the electronic calculator market as soon as an off-the-shelf single-chip calculator became available. The CL-80K desktop calculator is built upon the Texas Instruments TMS0105, a first generation four-function chip similar to the TMS0106 and TMS0110 used in TI's earliest calculators. The CL-80K also makes use of the fact that VFDs produce a broad spectrum light emission, by tinting the overflow indicator with red plastic.

Crown CL-80K four-function calculator.

CL-80K logic board and display assembly. The CL-80k is based on a Texas Instruments TMS0105BNC single-chip calculator. Note the red filter on the overflow indicator.

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