Singer Friden 1009  
Written by Accutron on 2016-01-31  

The Hitachi KK 181B (marketed in the USA by Singer Friden) is a prime example of a handheld-but-not-pocket calculator. These large handheld calculators, manufactured by various Japanese companies in the early 1970s, dominated the personal calculator market for a short period prior to the introduction of the first pocket calculators. Such machines were equipped with relatively concise multi-chip calculator chipsets, large full-travel keys and bulky tube-per-digit VFDs more commonly found on desktop machines from the same period. For the most part, the US calculator market avoided this technological approach, jumping straight to single-chip designs with highly compact LED displays.

Singer Friden 1009 (Hitachi KK 181B) handheld four-function calculator. Note the unusual analog battery level indicator.

Singer Friden 1009, internal construction.

Singer Friden 1009, external power supply with LED charge indicator.

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