Casio 121-L  
Written by Accutron on 2016-02-06  

The Casio 121-L is a direct descendant of the original Casio 121-A desktop calculator. All members of the early 121 series were 12-digit four function desktop calculators, built with increasing levels of integration and improvements in display technology as the series progressed. The 121-A was a bulky machine built with small- and medium-scale ICs and a Nixie display. The subsequent 121-B and 121-K saw improvements in IC integration, but retained the 12-tube Nixie display. The 121-L introduced VFD technology to the series. The 121-L was initially manufactured in a 14-chip version and later in the 12-chip version pictured here.

Like many Japanese desktop calculators from the era, the 121-L is equipped with a magnetic reed switch keyboard.

Casio 121-L four function calculator.

Casio 121-L, internal construction.

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