Rockwell AIM 65  
Written by Accutron on 2016-09-03  

The Rockwell R6500 Advanced Interactive Microcomputer, better known as the AIM 65, is a 6502-based single-board development computer introduced in 1978. The AIM 65 is based on the same architecture as the original MOS Technology KIM-1 6502 development system, introduced in 1976. The AIM 65 features an on-board 20-digit single line alphanumeric LED display and thermal printer, and a detachable QWERTY keyboard mounted on a separate PCB. The AIM 65 supports a number of different language ROMS, including assembler, BASIC, FORTH, Pascal and Rockwell's proprietary PL/65 language, derived from ALGOL and PL/I.

The unit pictured here is a Revision 4 AIM 65, manufactured by Dynatem in early 1986 after Rockwell had ceased production. Though the Revision 4 AIM 65 is quite similar to earlier iterations, the subsequent Revision 5 hardware features a redesigned clock generator and support for newer RAM and ROM IC types which became available over the production lifespan of the AIM 65. Relative to Rockwell-manufactured examples, the Dynatem AIM 65 is quite rare.

AIM 65 User's Guide (PDF)
R6500 Hardware Manual (PDF)
Dynatem AIM 65 Revisions (PDF)
AIM 65 Monitor Program Listing (PDF)
R6500 Programmng Manual (PDF)
AIM 65 BASIC Language Reference Manual (PDF)

Dynatem AIM 65 Advanced Interactive Microcomputer.

The AIM 65 display module is constructed from a Rockwell R6520AP PIA and five Siemens DL1416B four-digit alphanumeric LED smart displays.

AIM 65, Rockwell R6502P microprocessor, R6522P Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA) and clock generator circuit. The Revision 4 clock circuit can be easily discerned from the Revision 3 circuit by checking the R3, R4 and R5 resistor values.

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