Honeywell H10A1XOC  
Written by Accutron on 2017-01-29  

The H10A1XOC appears to be an uncharacterized variant of the Honeywell H10 power transistor, introduced in 1957. The H10 is a large germanium PNP power transistor with a 15W power dissipation rating, hook lug leads and a large threaded mounting lug. Honeywell began producing power transistors in 1953 for in-house use in their various industrial automation systems. Although Honeywell was an early pioneer of germanium power transistors, their devices are uncommon and often overlooked in the pantheon of early transistor development.

Honeywell later produced similar commercial devices with standard RETMA part numbers: the 2N574 and 2N575, both rated at 25W.

Honeywell H10A1XOC germanium power transistor.

H10A1XOC, underside construction.

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