Western Electric 2N29  
Written by Accutron on 2017-01-30  

The Western Electric 2N29 is an early production example of a germanium NPN grown junction transistor. In 1955, Western Electric introduced their first two production grown junction transistors: the 2N27 and 2N28. The 2N29 followed in 1957. All three of these devices were derived from the Bell Labs M-1752 grown junction prototype, but the 2N29 was considered suitable for military use.

Prior to Fairchild's introduction of the planar transistor in 1959, semiconductors lacked a protective silicon dioxide passivation layer to protect against internal contamination of the base-collector junction. Many of these early semiconductors featured a hermetically sealed metal canister, often with an evacuation nipple.

Western Electric 2N29 Datasheet (PDF)

Western Electric 2N29 germanium NPN grown junction transistor.

2N29, underside construction.

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