Columbia Scientific Industries 901-6062  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-01  

The 901-6042 is a CPU card salvaged from the corpse of a CSI Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC), a computer-controlled system used in the study of exothermic reactions. The heart of the CSI ARC is a National Semiconductor IPC-16A/520D Processing & Control Element (PACE) 16-bit PMOS microprocessor, first introduced in 1974. PACE is noteworthy as being the first commercially available 16-bit microprocessor which could be purchased as a stand-alone product. Like a number of other early 16-bit microprocessors, PACE is a single-chip implementation of a preexisting board-level architecture.

CSI 901-6042 CPU card. The major components on this card are a National Semiconductor IPC-16A/520D PACE microprocessor and three DP8300N PACE MOS-to-TTL bidirectional transceivers.

901-6042 CPU card, enlargement of PACE microprocessor.

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