Honeywell Information Systems Level 6 Memory Subsystem  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-03  

Devices included in this entry:

Honeywell BMMU031A-001 memory controller (pictured in thumbnail)
Honeywell BCMM044A-001 64KB Memory-Pac (pictured in thumbnail)

The BMMU031A-001 is the memory controller from a Honeywell Level 6 (DPS 6) series minicomputer. The BMMU031A-001, primarily built from 7400 series TTL logic, controls four BCMM044A-001 64KB Memory-Pac cards which socket directly into the controller.

Honeywell Memory-Pacs seem to have been built with whatever 16384-bit dynamic RAM was handy at any given moment. The BCMM044A-001 was manufactured with multiple bins of National Semiconductor MM5290J, Texas Instruments TMS4116 and Toshiba TMM416D.

Honeywell BMMU031A-001 memory controller with four BCMM044A-001 64KB Memory-Pac cards.

BMMU031A-001 with one Memory-Pac removed.

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