Bomac USN-CBNQ-6024  
Written by Accutron on 2017-05-22  

Introduced by Sylvania in 1952, the 6024 is a large gas-filled ATR cell which operates in the upper UHF band, between 2.65MHz and 2.95MHz. The 6024 is intended for radar applications, and is rated for a maximum transmitter power of 1MW. Like many TR and ATR cells, the 6024 is doped with Co-60.

The example pictured here is a USN-CBNQ-6024, manufactured by Bomac.

Sylvania 6024 Datasheet (PDF)

Bomac USN-CBNQ-6024 ATR cell.

USN-CBNQ-6024, view of aperture. Note the braided brass gasket.

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