Rheem Semiconductor RT5202  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-08  

The Rheem RT5202 is a silicon NPN transistor of unknown specification, in a standard TO5 package.

Rheem Manufacturing Company, best known as a manufacturer of water heaters, followed in the footsteps of Fairchild Camera & Instrument by backing an early transistor start-up division in Silicon Valley. In March 1959, Fairchild Semiconductor's general manager Ed Baldwin and several other employees abruptly resigned, and established Rheem Semiconductor Corporation in Mountain View, California. Rheem soon began producing mesa transistors based on Fairchild's design. Fairchild then sued Rheem, and discovered intellectual property which had been removed from Fairchild by Ed Baldwin and his group. Fairchild and Rheem ultimately settled out of court, primarily due to uncomfortable similarities between Ed Baldwin's illicit activities and the events which led to the formation of Fairchild Semiconductor. Rheem ultimately agreed to not produce mesa transistors based on Fairchild's design.

Rheem Semiconductor RT5202 silicon NPN transistor.

RT5202, underside view.

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