Western Electric GA-52609 & GA-53270  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-08  

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Western Electric GA-52609 NPN alloy junction transistor
Western Electric GA-53270 NPN alloy junction transistor (pictured in thumbnail)

Introduced in 1955, the Western Electric GA-52609 is an early NPN alloy junction transistor designed for audio and carrier frequencies. The original specification for the GA-52609 indicates a hermetically sealed canister with an evacuation nipple, but by 1956 this case style had been abandoned in favor of an improved nippleless canister.

The GA-53270 is a direct replacement for the GA-52609, with a slightly higher alpha cutoff frequency.

Western Electric GA-52609 Datasheet (PDF)

Western Electric GA-52609 NPN alloy junction transistor.

GA-52609 transistor, underside construction. Note the fourth clipped lead

GA-52609, single unit carton.

Western Electric GA-53270, an improved replacement for the GA-52609.

GA-53270, underside construction..

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