Smith-Corona Marchant 700-XN  
Written by Accutron on 2017-06-06  

Introduced around 1971, the Smith-Corona Marchant 700-XN is among the last electric adding machines ever manufactured. The 700-XN is functionally similar to other 10-key machines from the era, such as the Burroughs Series J and Victor 700 Series, but features an angular 1970s-styled lightweight plastic housing. Along with the 700-XN, SCM manufactured the 1100-XN, a ten-column variant of the same machine. Born into a world that was rapidly adopting fully electronic calculation, the 700-XN and 1100-XN were relatively noisy, bulky and underpowered machines which never saw widespread adoption.

Smith-Corona Marchant 700-XN electric adding machine.

700-XN adding machine, internal construction.

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