Pickett N600-ES  
Written by Accutron on 2017-07-03  

Best known as the slide rule of choice for NASA astronauts in the 1960s, the Pickett N600-ES is an advanced 5" pocket duplex log log slide rule with 22 scales including 30-inch log-log scales. Like other high end Pickett slide rules, the N600-ES features an aluminum construction and proprietary Eye-Saver (ES) yellow paint, with lithographically applied precision scales. Early examples of the N600-ES have the same set of scales as the N500-ES 10" hi-log slide rule, but later examples replace the CIF scale on the reverse of the slide with a Ln linear scale. This substitution has been criticized by users, as the removal of CIF breaks the six-scale multiplication/division capabilities of the N600.

The N600-ES was accepted into the U.S. space program without modification, and was carried into space on multiple Apollo missions, including Apollo 11 and Apollo 13.

Available Scales: LL1+ LL1- A [B ST T S C] D DI K ||| LL2+ LL2- DF [CF CIF L CI C] D LL3+ LL3- (CIF replaced with Ln in later examples)

Pickett N600-ES all-black scales CIF variant simulation, adapted from the Virtual Slide Rule script by Derek Ross. Click stator to reverse.

Pickett N600-ES pocket duplex log log slide rule, obverse view. This example is an early revision of the N600-ES, manufactured between March and July of 1959. Later revisions have inverse scales marked in red.

N600-ES, reverse view.

The N600-ES includes a quick-draw leather holster with a patented 'E-Z-Out' pull tab for easy extraction, designed by John W. Pickett in the late 1950s.

N600-ES, shown with a full-size Pickett N500-ES for scale.

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