Victor Comptometer 600 Series  
Written by Accutron on 2017-03-06  

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Victor Comptometer 600 Series six column adding machine (Bakelite housing; pictured in thumbnail)
Victor Comptometer 600 Series eight column adding machine (metal housing)

The Victor Comptometer 600 Series was designed by Thomas O. Mehan, a veteran engineer of calculating mechanisms who built his first adding machine, the Brennan, in the 1920s. The ten-key Brennan design was later sold to Remington, who re-branded it as the Remington Monarch. Mehan was hired by Victor in 1938 to head up their R&D department, and introduced the 600 Series mechanism in 1939. The 600 Series and its numerous minor variants would live on until the 1970s, becoming one of the most popular adding machines ever built.

Mehan also developed the 700 Series, a line of ten-key machines which used the same internal mechanism as the 600 Series.

Victor 600 Series adding machine, eight column variant with Bakelite housing, serial number 536532 (1948).

Victor 600 Series adding machine, six column variant with metal housing, serial number 907336 (1953).

600 series adding machine, internal construction.

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