Creative Workshop Universal Circle Slide Rule  
Written by Accutron on 2017-07-03  

Designed in 1970 by Ole Jorgensen of Creative Workshop, the Universal Circle Slide Rule is an unusual logarithmic slide rule with a pencil cup form factor. The Universal Circle Slide Rule has a base which functions as a stator, with five rotating slides stacked atop one another. This slide rule abandons traditional Mannheim-style labeling, with eight scales labeled either X, X2 or X3. The first slide has a single X3 scale which functions like a traditional K scale. The second and third slides each have dual X scales which are equivalent to C and D scales. The fourth slide has a fifth X scale and a X2 scale which is equivalent to an A or B scale. The fifth slide has a second X2 scale.

Later variations of this slide rule were produced in Hong Kong by Better Ideas.

Available Scales: [X3] [X X] [X X] [X X2] [X2]

Creative Workshop Universal Circle Slide Rule.

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