Pickett N803-ES  
Written by Accutron on 2017-07-05  

The N803-ES is Pickett's most sophisticated standard-body slide rule: a log-log duplex slide rule with 28 10" scales, 80-inch dual base (base-10 and base-e) log log scales and double-length square/square root scales. The N803-ES pictured here was manufactured around 1959, and features Pickett's proprietary Eye-Saver (ES) yellow paint.

Available Scales: LL0+ LL0- LL1+ LL1- DF [CF CIF L CI C] D LL2+ LL2- LL3+ LL3- ||| SqRt1 SqRt2 K A [B S ST T CI C ] D DI DFm

Pickett N803-ES simulation, adapted from the Virtual Slide Rule script by Derek Ross. Click stator to reverse.

Pickett N803-ES dual base log log slide rule, obverse view.

N803-ES slide rule, reverse view.

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