Texas Instruments 5TI  
Written by Accutron on 2006-11-24  

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Texas Instruments 5TI-1032-1 Sequencer
Texas Instruments 5TI-2001 Programmer (pictured in thumbnail)

The Texas Instruments 5TI is a compact TTL-driven programmable logic controller, designed for industrial automation. A basic system consists of a 5TI-1032 series sequencer, and a 5TI-2000 series programmer.

The 5TI-2001 programmer is a handheld interface for the 5TI-1032-1 sequencer. It allows the operator to temporarily interface with the sequencer and enter program steps. This device does not have a power switch or any provision for using line or battery power; it receives its power from the sequencer, through a permanently attached interface cable. The case of the 5TI is the same as that of the SR-20 scientific calculator, desktop companion of the SR-10 pictured above. However, its similarities to the SR-20 are superficial. The 5TI programmer is built from discrete TTL, implementing 39 TTL ICs in the programmer, and another 39 TTL, static RAM and UV-EPROM ICs in the sequencer itself. The display is a Burroughs Panaplex II with 10+2 digits, similar to the displays used in various TI desktop calculators from the same era.

5TI system, includng the 5TI-1032-1 sequencer and 5TI-2001 programmer.

5TI-2001 programmer, serial number 83040183. The 5TI programmer shares the same case as the SR-20 desktop calculator of similar vintage. The 5TI-2000 was first released in 1974, but this particular unit is the later 5TI-2001 revision, released in 1976. The differences between the -2000 and -2001 variants are currently unknown.

5TI sequencer, cover removed. The 74LS-series TTL board is equipped with eight Toshiba TC5514P 1024 x 4-bit CMOS static RAM ICs, for a total of 4Kb.

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