General Electric AR-1 / W1A  
Written by Accutron on 2017-05-11  

The General Electric AR-1 is an argon glow lamp intended as a low intensity UV light source for scientific and medical applications. The AR-1 is structurally identical to the General Electric NE-34, but replaces the neon fill with a gas mixture composed of 90% argon and 10% nitrogen. Like the NE-34, the AR-1 has a pair of D-shaped stamped nickel electrodes coated with barium and strontium. The AR-1 is rated at 1000 hours of operation before UV emissions deteriorate to 50% of the specified output.

General Electric Large Lamp Catalog (PDF)

General Electric AR-1 argon glow lamp.

AR-1 glow lamp, view of electrodes under enlargement.

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