UTO 601  
Written by Accutron on 2017-07-05  

Distributed in the United States under the Hoffman brand name, the UTO 601 is a plastic 5" Rietz simplex slide rule with a reversible slide, similar in function to a Dietzgen or K&E polyphase slide rule but with a somewhat different scale arrangement and the addition of a ST extended sine scale. The UTO 601 also has a complex cursor with three ancillary hairlines, and a fixed hairline on the reverse for using S, ST and T scales without removing the slide.

The UTO 601 was sold exclusively as a branded promotional item, and can be found with many different company names stamped on its reverse. The example pictured here is a promotional item for Propellair, a defunct manufacturer of electric fans.

Available Scales: K A [B CI C] [S ST T] D L

UTO 601 simulation, adapted from the Virtual Slide Rule script by Derek Ross. Click stator to reverse.

UTO 601 Rietz simplex slide rule, obverse view.

UTO 601 slide rule, reverse view and carrying case.

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