Post Versalog 1460  
Written by Accutron on 2017-11-26  

Although they never manufactured their own slide rules, the Frederick Post Company was once the third largest supplier in the United States, behind K&E and Dietzgen. Post distributed a wide range of slide rule models, both under their original brandings and rebranded as Post products. Post-branded slide rules were initially produced by a range of German manufacturers, but in 1932 Post selected the Japanese company Hemmi Keisanjaku to produce the bulk of their slide rules from that point forward. By far the most common of these Hemmi-manufactured Post slide rules is the Versalog 1460, a 10" duplex slide rule with 23 engine-divided scales. The Versalog 1460 is similar to a K&E 4081-3 in most respects, and was once a popular choice among both professionals and students. Unlike many Hemmi-manufactured Post slide rules, the Versalog 1460 was not available as an exclusively Hemmi-branded product, though early examples bear the Hemmi 258 model number.

Available Scales: LL0 LL/0 K DF [CF CIF CI C] D R1 R2 L ||| LL/1 LL/2 LL/3 [T-T SecT-ST Cos-S C] D LL3 LL2 LL1

The Versalog Slide Rule: An Instruction Manual (PDF)

Post Versalog 1460 simulation, adapted from the Virtual Slide Rule script by Derek Ross. Click stator to reverse.

Post Versalog 1460 slide rule, obverse view.

Versalog 1460 slide rule, reverse view.

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